The Vagina Mono(b)logues: Noni November

Ever since my first period, my vagina has brought me nothin but terror. Okay, that’s a little dramatic; but between the cramping, the bloating, the nausea, the bleeding and everything else that comes with the celebration of another baby bullet being dodged, it has been well…terror.

Not to mention, the possible risks of your PH balance turning against you cause a new and different wave of discomfort.

Unfortunately, being sexually active, taking birth control, food in your diet, and even bouts of emotional stress and/or anxiety can throw off your bodies PH and lead to yeast infections or other cases of discomfort.

Lucky for me, my doctor was able to explain some things and even off tips to help gain a better understanding of how to avoid things like this happening and increase the overall health of Bella (yeah, that’s what I call her.)

So, for this coming month of November, I’ve dedicated myself to changing some unhealthy habits that can affect ‘down there.’

For example:


My diet could definitely be worse but it is definitely not the best. For those with a sensitive PH, it’s best to not over-consume breads, pastas, sugars, rice, and/or alcohol. Those can breakdown and cause an overproduction of yeast in the body that can lead to infections and/or overall discomfort.

So in November, I have decided to switch up my diet to include more fresh vegetables and fruits as well as limiting my rice and pasta intake to maybe 2-3 times a week instead of well, everyday.


I’m not a big sweets person when it comes to cookies, cakes, etc. However, I’ve decided to cut down on my alcohol intake and try to limit my brunching to once a month since those sugary drinks not only take a toll on your nether regions but my pudgy pouch too.


We don’t have to discuss this every time people. Y’all know me man! I have anxiety. Therefore, my stress levels can fluctuate and have a drastic affect on my physical health, including poor Bella. Thankfully, I haven’t had any anxiety attacks in the last few month…


I have been having bouts of feeling overwhelmed due to me being constantly on social media. No matter how confident you are, looking at other people’s lives and their accomplishments on social media can make you feel like you’re just lost in the sauce. As if you’re not working hard enough or you don’t have enough support.

In addition, I feel like I want to be more present in my reality. I started to feel myself keeping one foot out of reality during certain intimate moments of my life and feel like I’ve missed those moments forever.

So in November, I want to be create more in-person connections and nurture my close relationships. That includes the one with myself.


This is pretty much self-explanatory. We all know that sex can have many affects on your body and that you should take the necessary precautions to reduce the risks as much as possible. Get tested, be open and honest with your partner, use the necessary protection and if you are having unprotected sex, GET TESTED REGULARLY.


Yeast infections are not considered STIs and you can get them without having sex and/or ever being sexually active. They are caused by an imbalance of your PH and anyone who makes you feel insecure for getting one is stupid and broke.

Now, on that note: You should consult your doctor if you do have a yeast infection because it is still an infection and you want to be treated as soon as possible. A big factor of yeast infections that have to do directly with sex can be the vagina’s interaction with semen, so you know, be aware of that.

With that being said, In November, I’m going to continue having safe great sex.


I will also be uploading more posts about other beauty and health issues pertaining to Noni-Care as well as quick recipes (of some sort) to help those who may be struggling with similar problems in this department but still want delicious, healthy, and cheap meals. Now ladies, let’s get this money.