Prose In: Standards

an idea or thing used as a measure, norm, or model in comparative evaluations.

The Norm.

It seems I always lose myself when it comes to standards. I mean, what do I think of myself? What am I worth? Within these answers I can find happiness, joy, money, success. Why? Because the standard should always be how I treat myself.

I push myself daily.

“You have to be the best.”

“You are the best.”

“Treat yourself like royalty, because you are this unique and ethereal being.”

Now for the translation:

They treat you like trash, and you allow it.

You are only worthy of ‘pull up,’ ‘let’s hang out.’

Second chances that you would never give yourself.

So why do you do it? Are you afraid of being alone. Do you not enjoy your own company. By yourself you find things you love to do. Places you love to go. Food you love to eat. Wandering into places and meeting people who are just like you. Who adore you. And more importantly, who can teach you.

It’s okay to feel lonely, but you have you.

Excuse me, I have me.

Leave that person where they are because they weren’t going to make you happy anyway. Trust your gut and know that the first time is the least effective. You have no attachment. No emotion. Therefore, you can brush it off. You don’t need time to get over them because you never knew them. They showed you who they are though, and it ain’t shit. So leave.

This goes for friends too. It’s nothing to phase friends in and out of the circles that surround you. They don’t need to be close to you because you had a couple drinks, a couple laughs, a few texts.

Question: Why do you treat you the way you do? Have you not been the only one by your side since forever?

Increase your standards. Weigh the people in your life heavily the same way you do yourself. Critique their actions harshly, the same way you do yourself.

I am not only speaking out, but within. I have allowed myself to be hurt time and time again. I have increased my security because I am the gatekeeper in my life. I choose who walks in and I can kick anyone out, at any time. I don’t need permission to let someone go as they did not ask permission to bring drama, hurt, negativity into my life. Did they? No.

Pick the bar off the floor and raise it above your head. Do not stop at your own personal standards but strive for more. You know how to love you and you need to show everyone else.

Oh and remember:

In life, there is always love.
— Jamice