Solocation / Duo-cation

Solocation / Duo-cation

The pricing and itinerary is based on residents of the United States.

Please note that I do not purchase ANY booking or reservations, I simply provide recommendations and provide all information need for you to book poppin vacations! I do NOT book flights!

Included in the Itinerary:

  • Location | Date | Time of travel

  • Attendees - This will allow you to keep track of all those attending the trip.

  • Customs | Visas | Country Information (international trips) - Certain countries require vaccinations, a # of blank pages on your passport, and safety precautions. I’ll research all of that information so you won’t experience any hiccups when you land. This also includes the contact info to your local embassy, currency info, wifi needs, etc.

  • State information (domestic trips) - I will provide you will driving rules, laws, and other things to note when visiting these states.

  • Flight recommendations - I will research the best flights and airlines to fit your needs and budget. In addition, I will provide certain discount websites that could help you find even cheaper discounts on your flight!

  • Accommodation - Hotels, Airbnb, Resorts, Hostels. I will research multiple options based on your needs, services, and budget.

  • Restaurants / Things to eat - Whether you’re looking to hire a private chef or eat like a local, I will provide options for you to eat close by.

  • Things to do - I’ll provide info to the best landmarks, any special events at the time of travel, nightlife, adrenaline-pumping activities, and more!

Photo credit: Maven Lee Litumbe

Photo credit: Maven Lee Litumbe

Pricing Info:

Based on 1-2 people

Domestic Travel - All US states including Hawaii and Alaska

  • Weekend / 3 day trips - $15

  • 4-8 days - $20

  • 9+ days - $35

    Multi-destination trips - $0 each addt’l state

International Travel - Any country outside the US

  • 3-4 days - $25

  • 5-8 days - $30

  • 9+ days - $35

    Multi-destination trips - $0 each addt’l country